Cheyenne Trolley tours haunted tour part 1

18 Oct


Since it’s almost Halloween, I’ve decided to freak you all out by posting some scary stories that you might hear about in the bone chilling ride down Cheyenne’s main roads on the Haunted trolley Tour.

Can you believe we have a haunted air force base in our fair town? FE Warren Air Force Base was built in the late 1800s.  There has been some scary things wondering the area at night.  An example is cavalry soldiers wondering the grounds.  There has also been ghost sightings in the dormitories.  The women in the security team have  been bothered by some spirits at times.  If you need information of this scary place, please click here.

We even have a haunted hotel.  A bunch of ghosts have been seen at the Plains Hotel.  One example is that people have seen someone who has been murdered by getting pushed out of a fourth floor window.  People have reported having a dreadful feeling, being watched, watching doors opening and closing, and being choked with the bead sheets.  If you want to learn about the mysterious Plains, click here.

A haunted church?  You bet! The ghost of someone who was killed while building the tower of St. Marks Episcopal church now haunts the tower. There are rumors that this is just a story kept around for Halloween, but I’m not sure about this.  The past Rector used to turn it into a haunted house every Halloween complete with a construction guys’ corpse in a coffin.  To find more about this haunted place (If it really is haunted) click here.

For a video overview of  some of the haunted places here is Cheyenne, Wyoming click here
For a video about the history of the haunted Air Force Base, click here

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