Getting stuck

11 Oct

It happens often, when it snows it causes there to be a lot of mud, snow, and slush. These winter hazards make vehicles get stuck, which can ruin a persons day. If it happens, there are things that can help you get unstuck, or help you avoid getting stuck in the first place Getting stuck is annoying, inconvenient, and can be dangerous.

Be prepared

While winter driving, it is important to make sure the four-wheel drive in the vehicle works. (If acceptable.) A broken drive line or other mechanical problems can cause this. Shovels are great tools to have also to help dig the snow out from under the tires to help gain traction. To avoid becoming ill, pack warm clothes. You never know how long you might be waiting for help or trying to get unstuck. Cars without four-wheel drive are not the best to have when driving in harsh weather. If possible, avoid driving if the vehicle that shall be used can not handle it.

If stuck

The most important thing to remember if you get stuck is to not dig into the snow deeper. Romping on the gas and spinning the tires can cause this. Press the gas slowly to avoid this problem. Switching the gears from drive to reverse can help ‘rock” the vehicle out and gain traction. If this does not work, dig a path several feet long by each tire and spread sand in the tracks if available. Most vehicles have floor mats which can help aid  gain traction if sand is not available. Jacking the vehicle up to place an object such as a large rock or a piece of wood may help also.

Important things to remember

If the vehicle gets unstuck, after pulling to a safe location it is important to make sure the car is okay. Check for flat tires, broken parts under the vehicle, or if anything is leaking. If this is the case, you may have a bigger problem. Remember not to panic and look through all the options if you get stuck. Do not leave the vehicle, especially if there is hazardous temperatures. It is always fun to go four-wheeling on back roads in the snow, but remember to be cautious. For pictures and more information, check out links below.


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