Weightlifting 101 part 3

7 Oct

Weightlifting continued

Now we get to the good part! I know you have been wondering when I would start explaining the actual workouts so you could get to the gym and start strength training and getting fit. But we are not quite there yet!

What should I do?
That is one of the questions that every person whether they are male or female faces when they decide to increase their physical fitness level or just going to the gym for the first time.
The interesting thing is that this question needs to be asked and it needs to be thought about so you end up with a clear goal. Do you want to gain strength or lose weight? This is the essence of the question, but like anything its not quite that cut and dried. Lifting and working out to gain strength will cause you to lose fat weight, but as you gain muscle you will not notice this loss on the scale because muscle weighs more than fat. If you primarily work out to lose weight, you will lose pounds but you may also lose definition and muscle bulk. Which brings us to the second question.

How do I reach my goals?
It has been a big question over the years on the best way to lose weight or to gain muscle, but it has been proven that doing both weight training and cardio give the best results.
If you are training to lose weight, cardio helps your body get in the best bracket to burn calories buy increasing muscle use and heart rate. Weight lifting is used to gain muscle mass and strength by targetting each individual muscle group and training and working each one individually.
The reason we have been advised to do both to meet our goals is simple. By doing cardio prior to lifting weights for weight loss allows us to deplete our blood glycogen levels and start burning fat, our goal right? You do less cardio when weight lifting but it helps to get you warmed up and ready to go. The reason you want to do less has to do with the amount of calories growing muscle needs to repair itself and stay healthy.

This is one of the things I certainly struggle with, but it is very important. There are many diets and diet plans out there, almost as many as there are people looking for that perfect diet or weightloss program. Now I do not have the room or time to talk about them all or even a few of them, so one of the best things you can do is research this for yourself. The diet I currently am starting on is the Paleo Diet, which is also commonly known as the caveman diet. The fundamentals of this diet rely on meats, vegatables, and beans while cutting out refined sugars and most grains.

The one thing ever person needs to realize is that not all diets work for everyone, so you need to find something that works for you! This includes your workouts and scheduals for working out and eating. You need to find what works for you and stick to it, working out takes dedication and a long term commitment yet you will start to see improvements after just a week or two!

Here are a few links on the Paleo Diet that got me started on my weightloss program:
Paleo Wiki Entry
Paleo Diet

And here is one on the benefits of doing both cardio and weightlifting:


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