Upcoming Jack-O-Lantern contest

7 Oct


Bump in the Night VII is holding a Jack-O-Lantern Carving Contest open for all community members and students. Gary Hall is the instructor hosting this contest and I have asked for information about how the community can join in. All entries will be placed on the stage during the concert on October 25th and then the winners picked will receive their prizes after the concert.


  • Students under 12 years old
  • Students 12 to 18 years old
  • LCCC Students & Community members over 18 years old


  1. Only one entry per contestant.
  2. The Jack-O-Lantern must be lighted from inside. No live flames allowed (use a glow
    stick or small flash light to light entry)
  3. Pumpkin must be delivered to the civic center the night of the contest between 5:00 and
    6:30 PM to be eligible for the contest.
  4. The winners must be present to collect their prizes. If a
    winner is not present, that the judges next highest score will be award the prize.
  5. No pumpkin carving will be allowed at the civic center.
    The entry must be delivered in waterproof/drip proof wrapping, and will be delivered to
    members of the LCCC wind ensemble upon arrival at the Civic Center.
  6. All entries must be removed by the contestants after the concert is finished.
    Winning entries will be picked by a panel of judges. Winners will be announced before the
    last musical selection on the LCCC Wind Ensemble Concert.
  7. Prizes will distributed after the Concert
  8. Treats will be given to all contestants.

Go out, buy a pumpkin and have fun! Any student or community member can taste the full power of Halloween.

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