History of Mario

6 Oct

Jumping the Barrel

Going to save the princess from that damn dirty ape, Donkey Kong, Mario was the hero carpenter starting in 1981 in the world of arcades.

Start Plumbing

Mario changed occupations and hardware by going to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). His journey in the Mushroom Kingdom was a pretty simple one until King Koopa (or Bowser) wanted to kidnap the princess in Super Mario Brothers.

Mario was also in Super Mario Brothers 2, but the most famous game Mario has been in is Super Mario Brothers 3.


Changing Depth

Mario started moving in more than left and right, he went to the 3D world with Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64 (N64). Bowser was up to his old trikes, but there was more than point A to B with Mario 64. He had to go different “worlds” in the pictures that are hung up around the castle.

In later years Mario went into space with Super Mario Galaxy on the Nintendo Wii. Making it more challenging for the player to deal with different gravitational pulls when jumping around in space.

Mobile Destruction

Mario has went on new paths of gaming adventure, like role playing games (RPG), sports games, and the best of all driving games.

Mario Kart 64 to this date is the best racing game (in my opinion) out there. The best part of it is multiplayer. You could race around on the tracks with up to four other players or you could battle it out by popping the other players balloons.

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