Cheyenne Trolly Tours

5 Oct
The Cheyenne Trolley is still moving about this fall hilighting the city’s history, spooky and festive alike.
How did the Street Trolley Tour begin?
The original public transit in Cheyenne was the street trolley in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  These were carriages connected to a light rail connected to horses.   These trolley cars were used as transportation to Fort DA Russell from Cheyenne.  For more information on the trolley’s history, what they are like now, and information on their conductors please click here.
What would you expect on the trolley ride?
The tour will start by talking about the early days of the railroad, and leaven the historic depot in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming.  It will take you through the historic district, so you can see the glimpse of our western and railroad heritage.  It will take you by the state capital (which faces the depot museum).  You will travel by the houses that used to belong to cattle barons back when Cheyenne was the wealthiest city  per capita  in the United States.  It even takes you by Big Boy in the park. To find out more about tour information, click here.
Want to take a tour during Halloween?
In the Halloween tour, you hear scary stories of our town, which are based on what is said to actually happen. You also travel down scary roads and encounter ghosts and goblins.  They work with the paranormal investigators to get the most valid information to the guests.  To see find out about the paranormal investigators, click here.  The tour does not have bad words in it, but some of the stories could scare little kids.  Parents can decide if they should bring them or not.  You can read some of the ghost stories that are told right here.
Want to take a tour during Christmas?
You can ride down some streets in Cheyenne looking at some cool light displays.  Look at the beautiful house displays in the warmth of the trolley.

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