Rodeo for kids

4 Oct

Rodeo for kids

Rodeo is one of the fastest growing sports for youth today, if you have children that are interested in horses and have a moderate amount of riding experience this is the perfect opportunity for them. The sport of rodeo is a great way to instill responsibility, good communication skills, and fun memories for kids. 

Benefits for kids in rodeo

 Through rodeo kids  learn to take care of a horse by feeding, and keeping them exercised, also learning how much practice it takes to be a tuff competitor, they are given the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the state, by learning to encounter new people in different ways.  The best way to describe the sport is “you get out of it, what you put into it”.

What to association to Join

You may be wandering where to start, but there are many different associations now that allow young kids the opportunity to get started, such as the little britches rodeo association for ages starting at 6 clear up to 18. For Middle school ages there is the Junior High Wrangler Rodeo Association, and 4-H rodeos, once in high school they can then compete in the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA).

Getting started at home

If you think this could be the sport for you kids, some preparation is needed before entering up in their first rodeo such as deciding what events they want to compete in, and learning about each of those events. In the professional level of rodeo most people only compete in one or two events but at the beginning level it should be encouraged to try all the events they can, in order to broaden the experience

This sport is all about hands on, so finding clinics are a great way to get kids learning from people who know what they are doing. All you need to do in order to find some is go into a Rodeo News, or Fence Post magazine; they have different clinics for all events listed each week. Going to one will open up many more to you, because those attending or hosting the clinic will be able to let you know about more opportunities.

How to become a member

 Once you feel your children have enough practice experience, you need to do is decide which association is going to be the most appropriate age and schedule wise. By going online to see the schedule of the rodeos, you can see just how much traveling you will be expected to do.  Also online is where you can find all the information to become a member. Every rodeo association has a membership fee you need to pay in order to receive a membership card that allows you to enter the rodeo.  There is also a president and secretary for every group, so if you have any questions their numbers are always listed on the web sites usually under contacts.

There is no coach or team in this sport, because everyone is a coach and everyone is part of the team.  Kids can get helpful tips form adults at the rodeos and especially form other kids their age. Once you get your family evolved no other sport will ever compare. 



Junior High Wrangler Rodeo


National High School Rodeo Association


National Little Britches  Rodeo Association



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