Weightlifting 101 part 2

29 Sep

Weightlifting 101 Continued

I wrote last week about some of the reasons and basics of weightlifting as well as some of the goals that should be driving you to lift. These goals are important regardless of what they are, they are what drive you succeed and get increasing results from your workouts.

Workouts- Sets and Reps
One of the things I noticed when I started working out was the continual reference to sets and reps, and I will admit that confusion is common over these terms. So lets clear it up and hopefully make your workouts and gym time a lot less stressful.
Starting with reps, this terms refers to a “repetition”, an entire cycle of an exercise. For example, when doing a pushup you start with the arms extended and legs and body raised off the floor supported by the hands and feet. Going down to the floor and back up to the rest postion is considered one rep.
Sets are simply groups of reps, such as 12 reps of pushups done without stopping can be considered a set. Therefore doing 3 sets of pushups is 3 sets of 12 for a total of 36. Easy now that you know what they mean right?

Some athletes swear by supersets, which are simply a two part set, such as 12 reps of pushups followed by 12 situps before resting. This brings us to rest or intervals.

Rest or intervals as they are sometimes called are simply the amount of time you rest between doing sets of exercises. This can vary depending on the weight and amount of reps you are doing in a set. Many professional weightlifters lift tremendous amounts of weight a few times, so their recovery time is much longer. There is no set amount of time but many people do well waiting between 2 and 3 minuets to start their next set.

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your workout is to not skimp on the water. Regardless of what you are doing your body needs water to flush toxins that are created when exercising. Drinking water also helps prevent heart problems from loss of the liquids that are lost due to sweating. This also helps prevent muscle cramps, and heat related illnesses.

Again, one of the best things you can do for yourself before working out is visit your doctor. Ask them if there is anything you should avoid at first or things you need to be wary about due to personal medical reasons.
Some reading about sets and hydration are linked below. Enjoy!

Rest Between Sets


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