Skylab 2011 Launches In Denver, Colorado

28 Sep

Right off the bat, thank you Triad Dragons and Beta Nightclub for putting on, in my opinion, the one-night-only event of the year for Colorado! Skylab 2011 launched on September 24, 2011 and the only way to describe the entire night is, out of this world. Headliners for the show included Headhunterz, BT, Cazzette, Calyx & Teebee, Fedde le Grand, Avicii and Dash Berlin, with three sick stages, amazing lights, and a sold out Denver Coliseum, the stage was set for a truly incredible night.

My rave crew and I arrived at the Coliseum at 8:30 and the place was already popping off! There were massive lines at both the entrances and the will call boxes. The people who, inexplicably, failed to get a ticket when they went on sale, were sent on their sorry way back to the parking lot, as the tickets for sail at the door went QUICK. After getting inside we got all regrouped and headed to where I would eventually be posted up all night, the mainstage.

The entire visual part of the experience was unlike any other event I’ve been to. The DJ booth was basically a big ass UFO saucer-shaped thing that had lights all over it, there was a towering display of lights that went up to the ceiling, and the best part, the lasers. Skylab had a laser show that was mind blowing, huge vibrant lasers were shooting from the mainstage, all the way to the back wall of the coliseum, overhead of the thousands of party-going ravers in attendance.

We got onto the dance floor with about 20 minutes left of Headhunterz set, thankfully. Sorry guys, I tried to like hardstyle, it’s just not possible, so thank you Triads for scheduling them early. My group and I were about halfway to the front of the crowd at this point, and I made it out goal to be front and center by, at least, the start of Avicii, if not early into Fedde le Grand’s set. BT was about to take the stage and I had no idea what kind of set to expect from him. I had listened to minimal amounts of BT until Saturday night and had pretty much written him off as just an artist to vibe out to before I went nuts with FLG, Avicii and Dash Berlin later in the night.

To say BT surprised the heck out of me would be a grand understatement. Right off the bat, BT started with Mord Fustang’s “Milky Way” (eliciting a “no freaking way” from myself), got complete control of the crowd, and never once let up. It seemed that BT had gotten inside my memory bank of songs I most wanted to hear live and proceeded to drop bomb after bomb. Some of my personal, and crowd, highlights were Wolfgang Gartner’s “Menage a Trois,” R3hab’s remix to “Mugwanti,” SHM’s “Save The World” (no matter how much it’s played, there’s something incredible just singing at the top of your lungs with thousands of other strangers), and “100% In The Bitch” and “Unison” off Porter Robinson’s Spitfire EP. BT was so surprisingly sick and was just a warm up for what was to come.

As BT ended, my excitement level went up about a thousand more notches, as Fedde le Grand was set to take the stage. Fedde become one of my favorite producers this summer and he was the primary artist I was most excited to see. I’ve been torn between house and electro as my favorite genre of EDM, but after experiencing an hour and a half Fedde le Grand set, I can safely say, I

Fedde killed it on the house music all night and I couldn’t have asked for any more from him. He played pretty much all of his dopest originals, “Let Me Think About It,” “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit,” “Metrum,” “Autosave” and of course…”So Much Love.” “Autosave” and “So Much Love” were my favorite two of the night, here’s the videos I took myself (yes, I was having a little too much fun in all the videos I took, so be prepared):

Fedde tore up Skylab so hard that I ALMOST forgot who was up next…Avicii! Avicii was already back in Colorado, only two months after he lit Red Rocks up at Global Dance Festival in July. Only this time, Avicii had a half hour longer set (score!) and the venue and setting was completely different. The Avicii kicked things off with a BANG, opening with the upcoming Albin Myers remix to “Fade Into Darkness,” eliciting a crowd sing-along of the all-too-familiar and catchy lyrics, before sending everyone into a frenzy with that heavy drop:

One thing I noticed, was the better quality in Avicii’s set at Skylab compared to when I saw him at Red Rocks. He dropped a lot more diverse set, while still maintaining the Avicii classics and crowd favorites. His set seemed to be one-continuous track and, for a while, I lost track of time and was just lost in his set. He played everything you would want to hear from the Swede sensation: his “Drowning” remix, “Levels,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Seek Bromance,” and his brand new remix to Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” was a treat.

After a breath taking hour and a half, I didn’t know how I was going to make it from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. Luckily, Dash Berlin and his high-energy, emotional trance took things to another level, I couldn’t have picked a better way to end the night. After 4 and a half hours of non stop dancing at the front, I realized I should probably hydrate. So I missed about 20 minutes of Dash Berlin’s set. The 45 minutes I caught were AMAZING though. I got back onto the floor just as his remix to “Not Giving Up on Love” was playing, my second favorite Dash Berlin remix, only bested by my favorite song, “Reverie,” here’s the video I took of it. My buddy who was there had kept on telling me that the crowds for the trance artists are the absolute best, and on Saturday I got to experience that. There was SO much energy:

All in all, Skylab 2011 was an epic night and will never be forgotten. BT, Fedde le Grand,, Avicii, and Dash Berlin all brought it during their sets and Denver responded with some amazing energy. The crowd was so into it, and as usual, everyone I met was awesome. A light and laser show that I had never seen before, a concept that was literally “out of this world,” and world class DJs made Skylab Colorado’s biggest and best rave of the year, and my best night of 2011.


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