Top 5 of Ft. Lauderdale *Attractions*

26 Sep

If you have never been to Florida, you definitely need to visit Ft. Lauderdale. Florida is most popular for the Harry Potter Park at Universal and Disney World in Orlando, but Ft. Lauderdale has plenty to offer as well. Its not as crowded and expensive but also safer than Miami. Most people like myself are on a budget and get tired of staying home on the weekends because they can’t afford a night on the town. I’ve divided the top 10 into Restaurants and Attractions.Whether you’re single or in a relationship, why not go out and enjoy yourself?


  1. The BEACH- The #1 reason a person lives/visits Florida is for the BEACH. Its a wonderful place to get Vitamin D which is an integral part for absorption of calcium for healthy bones. The sounds of the waves and birds provide the ultimate relaxation after a hectic week. Its nearly free because parking is extremely cheap because of the many options provided.
  2. Arts and Entertainment District- This area runs East-West and crosses Las Olas Blvd. which is the strip that runs up and down Fort Lauderdale coast. This district is home the Broward Center of Performing Arts which hosts many famous musicals and plays. Their shows range from Wicked to The Nutcracker. If you’re not the sit down type or get bored during plays, the Museum of Discovery and Science is a great choice as well. Although it is geared more towards kids, it has expanded to accommodate adults as well and even has a 3-D Imax theater now. Their exhibits include underwater life ( some petting allowed), gizmos of today’s technology, animation art, and a few select rides.
  3. The Elbo Room- This famous hang out spot was established back in the 1940’s by WW2 sailors and has evolved over the years to today’s beach goers and tourists looking for a chill out spot to relax. Its major debut was in the 1980’s during “Where the Boys Are” starring Tom Cruise and Shelley Long. Its on the corner of Las Olas Blvd. and A1A.
  4. The International Swimming Hall of Fame- First established in 1964, this museum/indoor pool is a non-profit organization that promotes swimming amongst children and adults and offers olympic sized pools for recreational use.
  5. Butterfly World- This place is….amazing. This park is home to thousands of different species of butterflies and exotic plants. There are atriums to walk through and get close looks at the life line of these beautiful insects and hummingbirds as well. Make sure to bring lots of film/charged batteries because you will take a ton of pics.

Unfortunately, the effects of the economy have been weighing heavily on South Florida’s attractions and entertainment. The remaining activities to attend are mostly music festivals that are free and rotate in time and duration throughout the year. Most of the festivals such as the Renaissance Fair and the Broward County Fair only come for a month or so and then end. It depends on what month you visit Florida. For more information there are links below for a calender of events

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