No I in team.

20 Sep

Team. That simple word plays  a big part in all athletics.  Not only being considered as a team, but importantly, working together as one is important. Think about it, any sport out there (except tennis) required every member of a team to work together to participate well in a game or competition.

If members of a athletic group did not practice as a team, perform as a team, or play as a team, they would not be very good. Take basketball for example. If  the members practiced individually, how would the run plays? No one would know what was coming next. Also, cheerleaders perform as a team. Can you imagine if there was one individual cheerleader trying to fire up a crowd? The crowd would be saying, “what cheerleader”. No one would pay attention, nor be able to hear the individual.

What about when it comes to stunting? How is a cheerleader supposed to throw themselves up in the air by themselves? Unless there is a trampoline in every gym its not possible. Practicing as a team is the back bone for every performance. It is were the cheers, routines, team decisions, and friendships are made. Any type of group related activity would be difficult, rather impossible to complete well with out practicing as team.

As the saying goes, there is no I in team.


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