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18 Sep


HCG Drops and Guide

What to expect from HCG

Given the average weight loss parameters, one can expect to lose 15 to 40 pounds in 26 days. Currently if you ask anyone of the stores in the last post which ones work the top recommended product is the HCG diet. HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that the female body produces during pregnancy. Its main purpose is to ensure the health of the fetus by making stored fat cells available for the developing baby to use. This is the reason why pregnant women can vomit constantly without negatively affecting their baby’s nutrition. In the 1950s, Dr. ATW Simeons found out that when given to both men and women, HCG reduced appetite and promoted weight loss. It specifically reduced weight in the buttocks, hips, and thigh areas (HCG).  

Lose the weight close to home

You can pick it up at GNC, The Nutrition Company as we well as several other locations like the Natural food stores, but if you can’t consume any alcohol this there are only a few locations with the non-alcoholic version and those being Sprouts in Ft. Collins, and It’s Only Natural in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

So what’s the hype all about?

Losing weight and dieting is hard enough, keeping the weight off is even harder. HCG dieting helps you drop the weight as well as teaches you how to maintain your new body. Well let’s start by what needs to happen to lose weight. Frist you need to take in fewer calories than you burn. Women have a better chance of losing weight if they reduce their calorie intake and exercise 2 to 3 times a day for 30 min. Same goes for men but because men tend to try to bulk up their intake should be mainly protein and for women it should mainly contain fibers and water pills since women retain more water than men. For those who do not have the time to exercise or work out, there is the HCG diet. One down fall to this diet is that you have to have commitment and self-discipline. This diet restricts you to 500 calories a day, which believe me, is very little considering that women are supposed to consume 2000 to 2500 a day, and men even more. Even though 500 calories is a low amount and you may feel like you would be starving yourself this is not the case. The drops are placed under the tongue and they make you not feel the hunger. They start by making using the fat cells stored in your body to keep you full. This way you’re not eating a lot to gain weight and your body is using already store fat so you’re losing weight. Because of the low intake of calories and the amount that you eat being reduced the outcome is that you actually keep eating in the same smaller portions once your done with the diet and junk food just doesn’t taste as good and actually makes you feel sick, you end up spending more time in the bathroom than enjoying your junk food. So you lose the weight while you are on the diet but you keep it off once you’re done.

HCG Side Effects (Source: HCG Side Effects)

Side effects from HCG are reportedly very rare, and when they do occur they are generally not severe.

Some possible side effects include:

Medium Headaches – especially in the first few days of the protocol. This is caused by the release of toxins from the stored fat which is being burned, most likely
Leg Cramps (often due to a potassium shortage) – This can be corrected with a potassium supplement
Fatigue – again, this is generally in the first couple of days before the HCG has begun circulating your stored fat
Hunger – especially in the first week, if you did not “load” sufficiently before the low calorie diet as recommended
Dry Skin – very little fat is being consumed, which can cause dry skin for some people. Since skin creams that have organic fats are NOT allowed on the HCG Diet, the only remedy is a mineral oil-based or other petroleum-based lotion or cream.


Like any other diet you have to always consult your doctor before starting. And if any symptoms occur please let your doctor know and stop taking the HCG.

Futher research can be found at: 

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