18 Sep

My name is Yomna Assem and I am currently in the Laramie County Community College Intro to Multimedia Class. I have been assigned to the Sports group. I haven’t been able to think of anything to write about until I went to work and realized how many people are trying to lose weight. There is always a time in the year that “we” have to lose weight for. When you head for college you are warned about the Freshman Fifteen,  after Thanksgiving the turkey pounds, Christmas you got to watch out for all the goodies, and then after all that you have to start losing the weight so you can look good in your swimsuit and your summer gear. Well finding the right diet seems hard and where to find all the products or food needed for each diet gets exhausting. So for my blog I am going to basically let you know what diets are out there, which ones work and which one don’t, and where to find them at the cheapest pricing.


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