Hunting and Fitness

17 Sep

Hunting Season and Preparedness

In Wyoming, one of the sure indicators that fall is fast approching is the appearance of camoflage clothing and people getting more active at the shooting range. One of the most important facets of hunting season that often gets overlooked is fitness and taking care of yourself while in the field.

-Why Wyoming country is different-
The mountains and terrain in Wyoming are among the some of the most rugged in the midwest regions, and there are many places in the state that are considered wilderness areas due to the rough and inacessable country, and the dangers of getting hurt while alone skyrocket in such areas. Due to the nature of the sport, many hunters are solitary people getting up early in the morning to get the chance to bag that elusive trophy. While this may be a getaway or time for relaxation, it also leaves unprepared hunters without the benefit of help should they get hurt or injured. And one of the primary preparations for hunting should be fitness.

-Dangers in the highlands-
Environmental factors are one of the greatest dangers in the mountains, blizzards can arise in a moments
notice or flash floods can tear through a valley without warning. There are many things hunters do not encounter throughout the year outside of hunting such as dragging game, carrying a pack or climbing into tree stands. This kind of strenous activities can induce heart attacks, heat exhaustion or hypothermia brought on by ill fitness. And like any sport, you can play much better and enjoy it that much more if you are in shape.

-Prevention is always the best medicine-
Peak fitness takes time to achieve but there are immediate benefits to starting to better oneself. One of the things that can be of help right away is a correct diet and exercsie. If you start out slow and progress to hiking and doing so on terrain similar to your hunting areas you will be well on your way making your hunting trips more enjoyable. Hunting, especially elk hunting takes place over long distances and slanted surfaces since elk do not usually hang out around the roads. Workouts such as leg lifts and stair stepping are good choices to make to increase ones hunting fitness. Adding specific workouts such as these to your regular walking sessions and you will be amazed at the difference that you will see in your hunting experiences.

Hunting and Fitness
Eating and Fitness


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