Introduction of Jason

31 Aug

Whatsup guys? I’m Jason Wells aka YourDailyJay. I’m extremely looking forward to being a guest contributor on LCCC’s A&E Blog, as arts and entertainment and blogging are two of my biggest passions. On top of being a contributor, I also have been running my own music blog ( if you’d like to check it out). The site features the latest music, videos, news and reviews from the world of electronic (house, electro, trance, dubstep, etc) and hip-hop music. I hope to bring to you guys a look into a genre of music that isn’t big where we are from, but is huge in other parts of the country and around the world. I go to a lot of shows, festivals and concerts in Colorado and review them as well, last night I actually went to Red Rocks to see an electronic artist I’m sure some of you guys have heard, Deadmau5. My goal is to expose you guys to music and artist you might normally listen to and to broaden your horizons.


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