Creative, fun, and simple dates you’ll love

6 Dec

absoulutely darling

  • “Sitting out at the lake watching the sunset.” Bring marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for extra points.
  • “Sitting and cuddling by a fire sipping cocoa. ” Christmas music and ice cream is an added bonus.
  • “If you guys like sports go to snowy range and go snowboarding! It’s not only enticing and exciting, but can be romantic.” Be sure to dress warm!

Once in a lifetime

  • “Breakfast picnic in the rain.” This is really sweet. The lesson here is don’t let the weather spoil your plans.
  • “The best date I have ever been on, I took a girl out to dinner and then we went to the park and made snow angels and a snow man. The night was really calm, crisp, and peaceful. Nothing too special or extravagant but amazing none the less.” Something about the park at night… Very special.
  • “Making soup together via Skype.” This is perfect for long distance relationships. Also try watching a movie together over Skype by playing it on your computer and ‘sharing’ your screen.
  • “Street dancing at 2 am.” Just make sure nobody gets run over. That could ruin the evening.
  • “I have been taken to what my date called the cliff, others call it the hanger. Anyways it is this cliff that oversees all the lights across town. It’s really pretty there. You guys can lay on the hood of the car, all wrapped up in blankets and something sweet to drink and stare out at the lights and the stars or plan a trip up to Estes park. That place is dark enough where the stars really light up the sky.” Very sweet. Stars always make the date.
  • “I always wanted to go on a date where we would go on a scavenger hunt and on the list would be stuff that meant something to that person or says something about them.” Not for a first date, but lots of fun for later.
  • “Eventful date…he took me four stories on the side of a hotel and sat on the ledge and talked, then went to Walmart and he pushed me around in the cart, then went to the park and got security called on us because we broke into the ‘ village, then climbed the outside of the three-story tree-house without using the stairs, then sat on the lake and watched the lights and stars. We also ran in alleyways and rolled around on people’s trampolines in their backyards.” Not the kind of thing you can plan, but great when it happens.
  • “Another one was this guy took me to dinner and then we drove ten miles out-of-town and watched an intense lightning storm out the windshield, and he put the sunroof down so we could watch the stars at the same time. Pretty magical.” Magical indeed. Give this guy a high-five.
  • “Once we had been fighting so he cleaned his car really nicely had flowers on the seat for me then took me to the place where we had our first date. The roller rink. After that he took me to dinner at Red Lobster. It wasn’t much but it was really sweet.” Revisiting old dates? Epic win.

Thank you to everyone who shared their dates! If you have any others, please comment. Thanks!


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