College class teaches students how to ‘shoot’

6 Dec

With so many different majors and options at Laramie County Community College, deciding what to take can make things more stressful then they need to be. However, with a fun class or even to get you started in the right direction, MMMM Introduction to Photography can be a way to relieve the stress.

Class prepares for artistic and journalistic methods

The class tries to emphasize the artistic and journalistic methods of taking photos and where to take them. The class also gives hands on experience in multiple areas. This would be a good class to start with when going into photography, so you can get a good handle on the basics and move up from there.  To see what the basics might include, click here:

Basics of the class

The class is taught by Eastwood, at 6:45 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. The class also takes place in Room 149 in the Fine Arts building. The student will pay for black and white film and paper and a 35mm manual single lens reflex camera. For more information, click here:

If you like the class

If you like this class, the next step up would be MMMM Darkroom productions (MMMM Introduction to Photography is the pre requisite so you have to take it first). It takes photography to the next step, developing the photos in an old-fashioned printing technique. Also, the student will learn how to improve on that printing technique with how the photo is taken, to how to develop it. To see what this may include, click here:


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