Biggest Shopping Days, One Week Later

6 Dec


Again, Black Friday and Cyber Monday produced great sales results across the board.  As chaotic as it was here in Cheyenne, we are lucky to not live in a terribly big city like New York. Although we do not have some retailers such as Best Buy, we did not have to deal with nearly as much traffic as a huge city. Black Friday resulted in an increase of about 2% in sales overall and Cyber Monday resulted in over $700 million in sales.

What Was Most Popular

Although sales were high in all markets, some of the most popular areas of sales were electronics, jewelry, and clothing apparel.  These were the businesses that profited most from these great holiday sales. It was very apparent here in Cheyenne that these were popular areas of sales. While in Target on Black Friday for example, the line took over an hour to get through in the electronics department in order to pick up hot electronic items such as Ipods.

Looking Back

Although it was crazy to be out on Black Friday,  it was really nice to get the holiday shopping done. Also, since there were a few items that were really hard to get ahold of it was also really nice to take advantage of online sales.  Personally I prefer to shop online and relax while doing so instead of fighting the crowds in the stores. But let us know how you feel as well. Do you prefer the exhilirating rush of fighting off the crowds or would you rather shop from the comfort of your own home?


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