LCCC student experiences class with a smartpen

1 Dec

As promised in the LCCC students share holiday tech wish list post, we will be taking a closer look at one of the goodies listed. Of course you were hoping we’d be looking at the Apple iPad in all its glory, but as I do not have access to an iPad to test its functionality in an academic setting, you’re stuck reading about the Pulse Smartpen. This isn’t at all a bad thing though as this thing is shockingly cool and capable.

We sent Rachel Notgrass into the wild with one of these things to see just how practical it is in the classroom. Using the Smartpen’s ability to record audio while taking notes, Rachel was able to maximize on her learning experience, and study time by referencing back to specific notes with ease and precision. Once your notes are taken down into your smartpen specific, dot paper notebook, you’re later able to click on specific words in your notebook, and the audio that was recorded will automatically jump back to what was being said at the time that part of your notes was being written. This way you can listen to what your instructor was saying as well as read what you wrote down.  Wow, right?

The capabilities of this pen are infinite as there is an app store online to download from an ever growing library of functionalities for your smartpen. Some of the things Rachel was able to show me are: A Calculator right on your notepad, writing words in English and having your pen translate them into a language of your choice, quickly uploading your notes from your Dot Paper Notebook into a PC and having them converted to type, and more.

Rachel says it’s been extremely useful in the classroom, but if she had one complaint overall, it would be “that you’re required to buy special notebooks to write in that are a little pricey”, but overall she’s “very satisfied”. Stay tuned to this blog for a video of Rachel showing off a few of the pen’s features.


  • Audio jack for the Pulse 3–D Recording Headset enables distance recording.
  • Microphone records clear sound.
  • High-contrast OLED display makes it easy to use Pulse smartpen applications.
  • Built-in speaker plays back your recorded audio.
  • Transfers notes and audio to your computer and recharges your smartpen using a standard cable connection.
  • Infrared camera captures everything you write and draw on dot paper.


Going on now until the 18th of December, Target here in Cheyenne has the Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen marked down to $99.99. A deal Rachel says to jump on as she purchased hers for $130.

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