Work out in the ice and snow

29 Nov

If you can ski and snowboard, you can take a walk around Lion’s Park; just bundle up first. There is an exercise obstacle course around the lake It is a great place to walk your dog with doggy trash cans around. There are also two children’s playgrounds. Now, while it is cold outside, it’s nothing a scarf and some long socks can’t cure.

Good for so much more
In the area, is the Botanical Gardens. While some of the plants and flowers are brown during the winter, they have some beautiful trees and there are also bridges and gazeebos. With all of this, it makes Lion’s Park a wonderful place for photography; wether you are taking pictures for seniors or just want some nice nature shots.–venues–873547

Listen to the sound of winter
When the temperature is just right, go to Lion’s Park and listen to the amazing sounds of the ice as it expands and makes room. Check out the video and listen very closely to the light saber-like sounds.

When can I go
Lion’s Park is availabe at all hours except it is at your own risk between the hours of 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. While there are lights around the park, there are some parts that are unlit.

Check out a Cheyenne resident’s feeling on Lion’s Park


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