Lace up your skates and grab a puck

28 Nov

Hockey is the winter sport of all winter sports. While there is skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and such, hockey is the sport if you don’t mind bumps, brusies, missing teeth and maybe a black eye or two. If you want to play or watch some hockey, there is a place to do it in Cheyenne (and Laramie).

Lets play some hockey?
 If you enjoy playing hockey, there is an adult league, the Old Puckers league and Junior league at the Taco Johns Event Center. For adult hockey there are different levels you can play in and there are about 20 games per season.

If you’re not ready to quite play hockey in a league, there is always learning how to play hockey first. But make sure you bring your own pads. 

But I want to watch hockey
Well if you want to watch it, you can. You can even watch our own University of Wyoming Cowboys play right here in Cheyenne. or you can watch the adult hockey league
Whatever you want to watch it’s available just a fw miles from home.

A little hockey history

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