Black Friday Ends

27 Nov

Busy, Busy, Busy

General consensus around town is just this.  Everywhere was packed all day today, although it did begin to trend downward around 7 p.m. The shopping began early and since most places started door buster sales between 4 and 5 a.m. crowds were intense in the early morning, for example standing in line at target to get an Ipod took nearly an hour!

What’s Next in Holiday Shopping

Just because Black Friday is over doesn’t mean holiday shopping has to be. Many local places had many weekend only sales going on on top of the exclusive door buster sales.  For example, Gamestop had sales on used consoles all weekend and Walmart carried many movie sales over. Also, Cyber Monday is just three days away and they also have some killer deals for electronics on websites as and Stay tuned for Sunday for our checklist of whats to come and where to find it.

How was your Black Friday?

We are very interested to know, how was Black Friday in Cheyenne for everyone else? Let us know your shopping experiences either here on the blog or on our facebook. We want to see just how hectic it was for everyone or some of the awesome deals you capitalized on.


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