Black Friday Begins

26 Nov

It Begins

Today is the largest retail sales day of the year. We have scoured all of the local ads and brought all of the best deals to one location so that you may make the most of your early morning shopping to capitalize on the best deal.

Door Busters

We searched the ads for door buster sales on the hottest electronics for holiday gifts. We have located the best places to shop in Cheyenne for Ipods, televisions, video game supplies, cameras, and movies from 5a.m. until 11a.m.

Where to Go for What

Although many places are marking down these items we feel that these are the best places to shop for these gifts. For Ipods shop at Target or Walmart; each is giving away huge gift cards on 8gb Ipod touch and Target is giving away gift cards for Ipod Nano as well. For televisions Sears is hands down the best way to go due to how many makes and models they have. For videogames, Gamestop has the most door busters for videogames, although Sam’s club has a great 250gb Xbox 360 bundle(comes with 3 games for $349). Camera sales are great at both Target and Walmart each of which has many models discounted significantly. Lastly, movies are marked down everywhere you go and they seem to be the same general ones, so wherever you end up purchasing these other gifts browse the movies and capitalize on those sales as well.

We will be stopping back after the door buster sales are over so that we can guide you throughout the rest of the day. Remember that we are here for you all day today so that you know when and where to go in Cheyenne to stay on top of sales.


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