Gliding on bone and ice

23 Nov

It all started 4,000 years ago when people would sharpen bone and tie it to their feet to glide on a frozen surface like a lake or pond. Nowadays we ice skate indoors in a rink, outdoors, on frozen lakes, or in our tennis shoes on the frozen roads like children.

Lets go skating
Wether you want to speed skate, figure skate or just enjoy holding your child’s hand for the first time around the rink, ice skaiting is a good place for relaxing, having a good time, and bonding. The ice is smooth as the skates cut through. the rink isn’t as cold as you would think, just pants and a sweater will keep you comfortable while you enjoy your time.

So along with any other sport, ice skating has its dangers. Falling on the ice can bruise your bum or even break some bones if you aren’t careful. Also, most ice skates are very sharp to make it easier to balance on the skates. So if you fall or if someone else does, watch those skates and make sure they don’t cut you or anyone else.

Where can I skate
Yep, like everything else, the Taco Johns Event Center is perfect for your ice skating fun.

How much to skate
Just $3 with skate rental. If you’re a newbie, make sure you grab some hockey skates then work your way up to those figure skates.

Want to know when you and your family can skate, will tell you everything you need to know.


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