Roll your way through the winter

21 Nov

It was invented 267 years ago and it has evolved into an outdoor and indoor activity. Roller skating has been around forever. Except, for a few years now, it seems to have dropped off the map.
Kids go to malls, and talk on their cell phones. When you think of roller skating, most of us think of roller disco.

Types of skating
But today, there are many different types of skating. There is roller derby, roller dancing, and inline skating for exercise. Gone are the days of carhops and disco. Sometimes though, you can find a nice place to skate like a rink where you can still do the limbo.

We can skate in Cheyenne?
There is a place here in town where you can skate and  have a good time. Roller City is that place! There’s roller skating, inline skating, roller hockey, and speed skating.

Public skating is only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
To skate during the week, give them a call 307-634-7291

Roller City is located across from Two Bar Bowling Off Carlson and Weaver.


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