Let’s roll and bowl

14 Nov

The ice and snow is on the ground. Now what is there to do in cold Cheyenne? Well, there is always snowboarding, sledding, and skiing. But, if you don’t want o play in the snow, get a pink nose, or a terrible cough, there is a place to stay warm and have a good time. TWO BAR BOWLING!   http://www.2barbowl.com/

 Bowling is the ideal way to be active especially during the holidays and while its cold for the whole family. For the kids, they can put up the bumpers and for the adults…they can put up bumpers. Its a great workout as you run up to the line and swing the heavy ball to get those pins down. Anyone can bowl.  http://ibowl.blogspot.com/  Its a colorful activity where you can listen to music, watch tv, and laugh with family and friends. Even if you slip and fall on the slippery lanes, it is all for a good cause.

What does it offer
Two Bar Bowling is known for it’s league nights. They have Bowling Bingo and Strike Pots also. They have a snack bar with burgers, fries, drinks, and more to feed your hunger while playing. There is a lounge for the older kids. If you’re interested in getting your own bowling gear, there is also a pro shop inside.

Special events
Two Bar holds events for birthdays and group parties also. Aside from that, they have special tournaments for special causes, like the PFC Michael Deuel Memorial 9 Pin No-Tap Tournament which was held this weekend. Every Saturday night, there is karaoke from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Two bar Bowl is located at 700 E. Carlson, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009  (307) 634-7918       


Work off Thanksgiving Dinner
Two bar will be open Thanksgiving Day 4 p.m.-11 p.m. at $2 per game

Get your own bowling blog here: http://www.blogbowler.com/


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