Eagles dominate the Lancers!

9 Nov

Tonights starting line up was SO. Terrance Dent #10, SO. Bryse Velasquez #21, FR. Domonique Smith #34, SO. Travis Shepherd #40, and FR. Rodrigo Silva #44. With this starting lineup the Lancers were no problem for the Eagles. The Eagles started off very well and continued to play together as a team clear throughout the game.

This years team is looking very solid Travis Shepherd #40 had a great game leading the Golden Eagles as high scorer and also a very good defensive game.  Terrance Dent #10 also had a solid game scoring some crucial points hen things got tight or the Lancers started making a run. He is a very big asset to the team. Bryse Velasquez #21 had an outstanding game with dozens of trick passes and assists. He controlled the tempo of the game very well. He is a fun player to watch has alot of talent and love for the game. Rodrigo Silva #44 was a pleasure to watch with a good offensive game throwing in two dunks. He is also a big asset to this team leading in rebounds. This years bench has alot of depth and will be able to keep the play at the same level and intesity. The whole bench also played in the game tonight and did outstanding. One bench player that really stood out tonight was Dominique Lawrence #5, he had a great defensive game and also helped out on the offensive end. The final outcome of the game was Golden Eagles 86, Lancers 56. Keep up the good work boys!

To find out leading stats and scores check out these websites:



The Golden Eagles next matchup is against Eastern Wyoming again, only on there home court. Its on November 13, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. in Torrington, WY.  Please come out and support the Golden Eagles Basketball Team this year. It’s a great way to get out, support the guys, and watch some good, competitive basketball.


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