Don’t buy gifts, make them

9 Nov

Home-made gifts this Christmas?

Christmas is approaching, and those of us without the financial means to buy expensive gifts sometimes need to get creative. This gift is easy and relatively inexpensive and is more thoughtful than a store-bought gift. Below is a link to a video with pictures of the process.


To make this gift you will need:

  • A plain unfinished wooden box, picture frame, or other wooden thing
  • scrap book paper, stationary, stickers, or all of those
  • scissors or exacto knife
  • Mod Podge glue
  • paintbrush
  • picture(s)


  1. Go to Hobby Lobby or other craft store in your area, Hobby Lobby is great because they often have sales to help keep your gift cheap.
  2. Choose scrap book paper or stickers with pictures or symbols that you want to attach to your wooden item. We do not advocate stealing, although that would make it cheaper
  3. Cut out the pictures from the scrap book paper and arrange them the way you want them. Scissors will work if the pictures are larger. But with an exacto knife, details are easier to maneuver around. Note: use a cutting board if using an exacto knife so as not to cut the surface you’re working on.
  4. When everything is cut out, take your Mod Podge and your paintbrush, and lift one picture at a time and paint the glue on to the frame and then stick the picture on top of it. Do this with all of the pictures that you cut out.
  5. After smoothing edges down, put a coat of Mod Podge over everything, being sure to coat the entire wooden surface. You may want to do more than one coat, this will keep the pictures from peeling off and will make your frame look nicer because the glue dries clear and look glossy.
  6. Put your selected photograph in the frame. Be careful if you are going to wrap the frame, sometimes the glue is still sticky, even after it has dried.

Total Costs

  • Mod Podge costs around $7.00 – but you can use this for all of your gifts!
  • Exacto knives are around $3.oo – but once again they are good for everything, a great investment
  • Wooden frame used in this project cost about $2.00
  • Paper cost about $.50 cents a piece, depending on the size of the paper, and how many different sheets you buy

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