LCCC Basket Ball Season has started

6 Nov

First official week of the season

Laramie County Community College basketball boys officially began this year’s season Saturday, October 23, with a few scrimmage games at the Casper Jamboree.  But now with one home game and away game behind them, and another away game tonight in Ephraim, UT against Salt Lake the boys are getting into to routine of the busy season to come.

Meet the basketball boys

Meet the new team of LCCC 2010-2011 at See where the boys are from and what positions they play on the court. Terrance Dent is the featured player in this week’s athlete spot light. Click to read more

Games being played this week

The second basketball game to be played on the Laramie County Community College Campus, takes place this Tuesday night at 7 p.m. Come cheer them on as they play Eastern Wyoming, then read about the results of the game from our blogger Shelby that night after the court is played. Also if nothing is going on this weekend, take a road trip to Torrington, WY to watch the LCCC basketball team play Eastern Wyoming again at 5 p.m.

To see when the University of Wyoming’s Basket Ball team plays see here,

LCCC Basketball team


Leave your comments below if you have been to the games this far. Give your opinion about the season to come.


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