Campus Activities Board event preview

6 Nov

The Campus Activities Board at Laramie County Community College plans fun activites for student on campus. The month of November will be no exception as there are a few big upcoming events.

Table Talk Tuesday

This Tuesday and every Tuesday in the lounge at LCCC students meet to sign up for clubs and also suggest new ideas for clubs. The group meets between 8 a.m. and noon in the student lounge at LCCC. If you are intrested in joining a club on campus or creating a new club Table Talk Tuesday is the place for you.

Wild Wednesday – rummage sale

Many people have things lying around their home that are taking up space and are  not used any more.  On Wednesday Nov. 17 at noon in the student lounge at LCCC the Campus Activities Board will be holding a rummage sale. Any one can participate either buying or donating items.

Simply bring unwanted items to the student lounge at LCCC on Nov. 17 at noon and place them on the rummage table.  Items will be for sale untill 1 p.m. and any unsold items will be donated to good will. 

This is a great opportunity to pick up something that you may need or get rid of something taking up space.


Campus Activities Board website:

List of clubs currently offered at LCCC

Other events at LCCC

Face jugs on display

Models wanted to pose for drawings


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