Win a free Velo Fashion tee!

5 Nov

Sorry this is a little late, but if you would like, you can still enter your costume into a contest to win a free Velo Fashion tee shirt.

What to do

You have to upload a picture of you in your costume and if there is multiple people in the picture, make sure you put which one is you. Also, make sure that it is relatively clean! You can find the Velo Fashion page on Facebook by searching for their name. The winner will be judged on creativity, originality, and how many LOLZ they recieve on the costume.

What is Velo Fashion?

Velo Fashion is a brand of clothing designed by a couple of local guys from here in Cheyenne. They just recently had a Summer release party back in June here in Cheyenne. Their stuff is pretty awesome, go check it out on their website.

Deadline for entries!

The deadline for costume entries is Friday November 5th at midnight! so if you would like to get a free VF tee shirt, upload your pictures ASAP!!

To see their website, go to:

To find them on Facebook, go to:


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