REMINDER: Black Ops drops Monday at midnight

5 Nov

First person shooter fans, don’t forget to add Monday night to your calendars.  At the stroke of midnight the latest in the Call of Duty series will be unleashed on Cheyenne at our local GameStop and Walmart. If early pre-order numbers are any indication, Black Ops may be set to break some records.  Not just video game sales records, but sales records pertaining to the entertainment industry as a whole. Be sure to make it out to the midnight launch party.


Can’t make it to the launch party or waiting in line just not your deal? Well if you’re a PC gamer, you’re in luck. How’s downloading the game on launch night and only paying $44.96 sound? Check out this slickdeal thread for more information.


Official COD Black Ops website

Gamestop Black Ops page

Black Ops preview via joystiq

Where to find great deals shopping online – Slickdeals

Stay tuned to our video game section for dates on future local launch partys

Multiplayer Teaser Video


2 Responses to “REMINDER: Black Ops drops Monday at midnight”


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