KOLT FM Texting and Driving Pledge

5 Nov

100.7 KOLT FM is teaming up with WYDOT and WyHy Federal Credit Union to start a pledge to stop texting a driving. To help motivate our city’s students and the general public as well, KOLT FM has set up a private concert for the high school that wins to have a private concert with Uncle Kracker!

The high schools up for the win are: East High School, Central High School, South High School, Triumph High School, Burns High School, and Pine Bluffs High School. When you go to KOLT FM’s website, make sure you clarify which school you are pledging for so your vote counts! The pledge only lasts until Thanksgiving so get your family, friends, neighbors and anyone else you know to pledge to not text and drive!

Texting and driving is a huge dilemma all across the world. A quarter of American 16 and 17 year olds have admitted to texting while driving and half of all American teens say they have been in the car with someone who was texting and driving. The statistics are alarming and states have taken action against cell phone being used while driving. Texting while driving is dangerous and we need to protect our teens from themselves and each other.

click this link to go to the soundslide created for this pledge campaign


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