Get Kinected: Full body motion sensing gaming

5 Nov

Though the Kinect has technically been at our local GameStop, Wal-mart, etc, since yesterday, the embargo on reviews wasn’t lifted until today.  In comparison to the launch titles of the wii and the Playstation Move, the Kinect is faring well with reviewers so far. Here’s a list of the launch titles and links to their reviews.

  • Kinect Adventures
  • Sonic Free Riders
  • Dance Central
  • Kinect Sports
  • Kinectimals
  • Kinect Joy Ride
  • Adrenalin Misfits



By now most everyone has played or at least seen a Nintendo Wii and it’s wiimote motion control. What some may not know is that Sony released their own motion based control named the Playstation Move. Well we’re not talking about either of those. We’re discussing Microsofts entry into motion based gaming: The Kinect.

The Kinect takes a different approach to motion sensing and sheds the limitations of wires and even traditional controls all together by introducing a camera that senses 3D space. The Kinect makes you and your entire body the controller. It has the capability to sense detailed movement in your arms, legs, feet and even hands.

That’s a large order. Did Microsoft actually come through? Click here to read an in-depth hardware review at

If you like what you see, don’t forget to add this puppy to your holiday gift list. Winter’s in Wyoming are long, windy and cold and the Kinect just might have what it takes to keep you active and entertained through the season.

Kinect Hardware

Kinect Hardware


Official Xbox Kinect Website

Gamespot Kinect Launch Center

More on gaming in our video games section

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See the Kinect in action.  Dance Central from the creators of Rock Band.


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