A race to the finish

1 Nov

Across the country, citizens of the US will head to their local polling station on Tuesday Nov 2nd to have their voices heard. In a pivotal election for congressional power this year’s race should be electrifying. This year Wyoming will pick a new governor to lead and shape the state for the next few years. Top runners in this year’s election is Leslie Petersen (D) and Matt Mead (R).

Meeting the Canidates

Leslie Petersen was born and raised in Wyoming. Governor Hershler appointed legislative liaison from 1981 to 1982She was appoint Teton County Commissioner in 1983, and later elected on the democratic ticket and served till 1988. Leslie then served 8 years under Governor Sullivan for 8 years as the Wyoming Water Development Commission. And in 2009, Leslie was voted elected Chair of the Wyoming Democratic Party.

Matt Mead is a 4th generation Wyoming rancher, he received his Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Wyoming 1987. He served as Wyoming Attorney General from 2001 to 2007. And was recommend by the late Senator Craig Tomas to President Bush and was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to become a U.S. Attorney. Matt currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Wyoming Business Council and the Board of Directors of Wyoming Banks and Trust.

3 key issues

Leslie Petersen
1. For the Affordable Care Act
2. A push for a focus on renewable energies (wind, solar…etc) and reducing carbon emissions
3. Putting Wyoming’s natural resource to use to ensure long-term growth and economic stability.

Matt Mead
1. Promote coal, oil and natural gas production
2. Promote job growth in the private sector
3. Protect Wyoming’s state rights



to find your polling station go here



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