Reminder: Halloween Bash at Hypnotic Hookah

29 Oct

Hypnotic Halloween

Hypnotic Hookah is a very popular location among young adults in Cheyenne. The main idea is to go sit, relax, and enjoy a nice smoke. Tonight at 9p.m. is Hypnotic’s Halloween bash which on top of the normal sitting and smoking, they are celebrating in their own special way. Cover charge to attend is $5 for non-smokers and $8 for those planning to smoke.

Costume Party

The big celebration that Hypnotic Hookah is doing is a costume contest in which the top costume of the evening will win a $50 cash prize. Registration for this begins at 9p.m. while the contest officially starts at 10p.m.


Normally on Friday nights local DJ, Dj Checkrd, brings in his turn table and Hypnotic Hookah sponsors a weekly dance night. Tonight he is hosting the costume party on top of his normal music mixing duties.

For more upcoming events from Hypnotic Hookah!/hypnotichookah

and more on DJ Checkrd!/group.php?gid=106366639402578


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