Finally the Truth is Rising

27 Oct

The 8th album from the band (hed) p.e., called “Truth Rising”, is now available at stores in Cheyenne. While this CD is available everywhere people living in Cheyenne looking at the crime and problems currently faced in the city will enjoy a break from the stress by listening to “Truth Rising”.

Original musical style

The type of music (Hed) p.e. creates is a mix between punk rock and rap. This uncommon blend allows for melodic choruses and gives the lead singer a chance to express his views on society.  This mix has allowed (Hed) p.e. to become the leaders of a “truth movement”, giving listeners a differnet view, than commonly projected by government and media, on society. 

Political and human insights

With all the doom and gloom of the current times “Truth Rising” tries to persuade people to look for answers and focus on a postive future.  The album also includes a little about what 2012 may hold, simply suggesting that what ever happens to stay positive and move to a better future.

Final Thoughts

“Truth Rising” is an excellent album with a great outlook on life. Entertaining music keeps the album moving and easy to listen to. With the original music and informative lyrics “Truth Rising” is a great CD that is worthy of being played again and again.

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One Response to “Finally the Truth is Rising”

  1. J October 29, 2010 at 8:48 am #

    I can’t remember if you put this in another post, but they’re playing in FOCO on Nov. 19.
    Also, check out this sweet site. It’s like some sort of universal event locator.
    You can check on who is performing near you. It’s called…might be worth a story.

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