Try new sport for cold weather

20 Oct

While the weather is giving us a chance to stay outside for just a little longer, why not take advantage of it with a try at a new activity like archery.  It’s easy and fun to do, even in the cold because you can bundle up to play.  This makes it a fun sport to even play in the winter. However, here is some information to know before running to the archery fields.

Equipment needed for the sport

To play archery, most would just think that all you need is a bow, some arrows, and a target. This is true, however what types of equipment you get is dependent on how into the sport you want to get. Bows come in two main types, wooden and composite. While arrows come in wood, fiber glass, aluminum and carbon and aluminum carbon. Each type is used for a specific purpose. Here’s a site where you can look into the types more:

A good place to find archery equipment would be:

Where to go to shoot

A target is one of the easy things to find here in Cheyenne, there are a couple of shooting ranges you can go to shoot at for free, as long as you have your own equipment.  My personal favorite is the Bullseye Archery at 1212 Ridge Rd.  It has many targets and lots of open space.  Another is Cheyenne Field Archers at 7815 Archies Rd. Both offer good targets at different ranges for all levels of experience.

Terms for an archer

Finally, if you want to become an archer, you need to know the terminology.  With that, you could join one of the different clubs around town. You can even become a hunter with the bow and arrow.  So instead of jumping right in, the terms will help you learn the sport, so you can learn from them. Here’s a good place to read the terms from:


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