Jackass Gets a New Dimension

20 Oct

Movie Impressions

Like its predecessors, Jackass 3-d uses recorded stunts to play pranks on unsuspecting people and provide an outlet for ridiculous stunts that make the audience both laugh and want to vomit. Although this will be a familiar set up to fans of the series, Jackass 3-d takes the cake for just how over the top the cast can take a film like this. The movie does not let up on the laughs once for the hour and a half that it runs. The boys have definitely saved the best for last. Some of the stunts include a midget gang fight in a bar that is later broken up by cops of similar stature and those injured are also carried out on a short gurney by a team of short paramedics, and well as Steve-o being launched on a giant bungie cord roller coaster in which he rides in a portable toilet that is filled with dog feces.

Why use 3-d in Jackass

 The true beauty behind the stunts though come from the use of 3-d. 3-d has become almost the more common form of movie deliverance these days, but the guys from Jackass use it tastefully by enhancing the close ups of the stunts which definitely pulls the audience into the impact of the stunts even further.

Why to See it

There is nothing like a cheap laugh to make one feel good. Jackass has always provided a laugh. This movie may not win academy awards for engrossing plots and great drama, but who cares? That is not what Jackass is about; it is about the fun that these guys have on screen and the laughs they provide for the audience. If you want to get out sometime and just have a night out with the friends this is certainly one way to do it. Jackass 3-d is by far the best of the three movies these guys have produced. Cheyenne has two theaters in which to see this movie right now and eventually it will move down to the budget theaters if you cannot afford or do not want to pay the $10 to watch it.

For show times


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