Halloween at Hypnotic Hookah

6 Oct


  • What is Hypnotic Hookah

Hypnotic Hookah is an establishment based in Cheyenne, Wyoming that provides a safe location for people over the age of 18 to come down and smoke for hookah pipes and be around friends. They provide an alternative to the normal way of spending time in Cheyenne such as movies, mall, etc. Hypnotic Hookah is also a great place to sit and relax while working on homework seeing as they have such a strong customer basis in the college community.

  • How is Hypnotic Hookah celebrating?

Hypnotic Hookah is celebrating Halloween by doing something a bit special with the hookahs that night in celebration of Halloween. Instead of using the regular clay bowls to hold the tobacco while it burns, members of the staff are going to use miniature pumpkins and carve them into bowls for the tobacco to be held in. This not only themes the hookahs for the day of costumes, but it provides an added flavor to the tobacco while keeping it cool and moist so that the tobacco lasts longer throughout the night. There is no extra charge for these types of bowls and it is sure to be a fantastic experience for both regular hookah users and newcomers alike. Hypnotic charges $8 to smoke and has many refreshments available at reasonable prices.

  • More Information

For more information on what Hypnotic Hookah is:


and for more information on hookah pipes


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