Get ready for Medicine Bag

6 Oct

In less than two weeks ABK will release his next CD titled “Medicine Bag”. The official release date is Oct. 19, 2010.


This is ABK’s follow up to 2008’s “Mudface”. ABK is a native american rapper/hip-hop artist on the Psychopathic record label. ABK’s previous releases are:

  1. “Hatchet Warrior”
  2. “Dirty History”
  3. “Road Fools”
  4. “Mudface”


In a tweet Violent J, the head of Psychopathic Records, said Medicine Bag is “the best release of 2010” and it is filled with positive vibes and native nature vibes.

My thoughts

I am really looking forward to the release of “Medicine Bag”. ABK is one of my favorite artists on Pshychopathic Records. His previous releases have been filled with uplifitng thoughts and included a completly different way of looking at bad situations.

Links ABK’s website Pre-order Medicine Bag online

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