Burn 305 Extra Calories a Week

5 Oct

Can’t make it to the gym as much as you would like? Do these cheesy little tricks instead.

Daily Tricks

  1. Forget putting that paper seat cover on in a public bathroom and squat instead. (5 calories)
  2. Lunge to pick up each item in the morning while getting ready for the day. (5 calories)
  3. Kind of a funny one, but while talking to your boss or teacher, flex your butt muscles 60 times. (5 calories)
  4. Rise up and down on your toes about 15 times while waiting in line or while waiting for something. (5 calories)

Once A Week Tricks

  1. Belt out your favorite tune in the shower for 15 minutes. (35 calories)
  2. Watch The Hangover or any other hilarious show to laugh for 10 minutes. (50 calories)
  3. Shake your butt along with the radio while you’re making breakfast. (20 calories)
  4. Hold your drink for 20 minutes while out socializing instead of setting it on the counter. (60 calories)

Scientists have found that the more stuff you can do, the more you love life. So for more useful tricks on staying healthy try looking at these sites for additional information.




One Response to “Burn 305 Extra Calories a Week”

  1. canigetacopy October 5, 2010 at 11:06 pm #

    Great blog! (but I refuse to look at you while you’re talking to me ever again, so I don’t have to wonder whether or not you’re butt-flexing) =)

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