XIV Goes Live for a Lucky Few

22 Sep

Today is the launch for publisher Square Enix’s new online MMO Final Fantasy XIV. Like Final Fantasy XI, this game is played strictly online and has a monthly fee of $12.99 minimum(more if you want multiple characters and to store Crytsta in your account for purchase of in-game content).

The Lucky Few

Today is both an official and unofficial launch of this greatly anticipated title. It is an official launch because it is the first day servers for this game go live to the public(at around 8pm CST). It is an unofficial launch because not everyone who is anticipating the launch is able to begin their journey. Final Fantasy XIV  is available in two editions, standard and collector’s edition. Today is strictly the launch for collector’s edition purchasers as it is part of the bonus for buying this edition. The servers go fully public in one week.

Improvements over Final Fantasy XI

Square Enix has made this game quite a bit different than their last MMO attempt. Final Fantasy XIV, unlike it’s predecessor is much easier to get into by yourself, meaning that you do not constantly have to be in a group to even have a slight chance of surviving the world around you. XIV is also much more loot based than XI was. Another feature that I feel is not a step in the right direction is the addition of the fatigue system. The fatigue system is a measure that is to help prevent people from becoming addicted to the game; this feature makes it so a person’s character will not gain as much experience as they are supposed to after a certain amount of playtime.

High Hopes?

If anyone is to compete against the juggernaut of an MMO that World of Warcraft has become they must be original, have a strong support center, provide additional content, have great max-level content, and provide great server maintenance. I strongly believe that Final Fantasy XIV  has all of these checks in place and the only thing that may hinder it in the least is the fatigue system.

For more detailed features checkout:


and info on the Billing system



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