Yurt: Weird Word; Cool Concept

22 Sep

The Yurt: A history

Basically, a yurt is like a round, felt covered tent.  Yurts were first used several thousand years ago in Mongolia. On The Mongolian Steppe sheep herders needed something that used little wood, and would protect them from the elements of Siberia. The original yurt was generally constructed of a few thin saplings, and layers of matted sheep’s wool.   The circular shape of the yurt also had a place in their religious practices.  Please click here for a comprehensive history of the yurt: http://www.yurtinfo.org/yurtstory.php

Yurts R Us

When we hear of yurts now, generally what’s being referred to would be the modern structures  made of aircraft grade metal parts, and architectural fabric. The popularity of the yurt has  grown in the last 20 years, so much so that the yurt market has become quite competitive.  Some of the manufacturers include Pacific Yurts, The Colorado Yurt Company, and YurtCo.  Here is a link to much information about designing and purchasing a  yurt: http://www.yurtinfo.org/companies.php

Yurt:your home away from home

With the wide variety of styles, and materials, yurts can be a simple, portable structure, or an elaborate home-away-from-home, with many modern amenities. Do you have a mother in law?  She can live in comfort in her own custom-designed yurt in your backyard! (Just joking, Barb…)  Because they are gaining popularity, you should not be surprised to find a cozy little round structure nestled along a trail somewhere while hiking, or skiing.

Happy Yurting!


One Response to “Yurt: Weird Word; Cool Concept”

  1. Medowlark Lemon October 5, 2010 at 11:27 pm #

    After my career in basketball, I retired in Chugwater. I built a home for my wife and I but neglected a mother-in-law suite. I called Burt’s Yurts and he fabricated a two-story yurt for my mother-in-law, Myrt. Myrt loved her yurt. She’s now dating Burt’s brother Curt who is a master fabricator of yurts.

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