Heartbroken & Homicidal Review

22 Sep

It’s a little past midnight on Tuesday, sorry, I got the CD just before work and had to listen to it durnig work.


Twiztid’s new CD, Heartbroken & Homicidal, is definently something different than the last CD they released but it is still entertaining to listen to.  There are many different styles of songs and this variety keept me wondering what was next. 

Song topics

 The subject matter on this CD deals with many things going on in the world today, and the relatinships betwen men and women as promised. The delivery of the subject matter is not for everyone, fans of Twiztid know what to expect and this CD delivers on that while adding lots of new things to think about.

Bottom line

Hearbroken & Homicidal is another great offering into the rap music genere with a uniquely Twiztid spin on it. The book is a puzzle and entertaining to look at as well.


http://twitter.com/tweetmesohard Twiztid on Twitter

http://twiztid.com/ Twiztid’s homepage

http://secure.hatchetgear.com/v3/shop.php?ar=2&ds=4423 Order the CD online


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