Let’s Walk, Shall we?

21 Sep

It’s a proven fact that walking 3 times a week for 30 minutes keeps the heart strong and blood flowing, and according to most people, they’d consider the dog a man’s best friend. So put those two together and what do you get? In my case, a total disaster!

Having a year old dog is really eventful, and I’d have to say walks are the best. Any dog loves to go on a walk, they jump at the word. But when humans say “walk”, dogs hear “run”, “tug”, “drag”, or “squirrel!”

Walking made simple

Diagram of gentle leader

Walking simple can be comfortable for you and your dog

That is the exact reason why I invested in the Gentle Leader

(http://www.doggy-gifts.com/Training). This training tool for canines wraps around their nozzle and neck and connects to the leash. When they begin to tug, their head is pulled sideways so they no longer have the urge to pull. It is an amazing invention!

At first I was skeptical, thinking it would hurt my dog’s neck, but after doing research and hearing trainers’ stories, I decided to get a gentle leader. I can’t say my dog loves it as much as I do. (She no longer has the power that is.) It’s much more relaxing taking a dog on a walk and actually having the dog walk next to you instead of 5 feet ahead of you yanking off your arm.

Share with your best friend, get a gentle Leader

For any one that loves their best friend, but can’t stand to take them out, I’d suggest the Gentle leader. There are also harnesses that keep a dog from pulling. I got mine from Pet City in the Frontier Mall. They are also available at Murdock and Pet-Co.

If you still are unsure read these review:



Also visit http://www.petco.com/Shop to see prices and details.

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