Summer movies come to close with fall hits to follow

20 Sep

Summer movies are winding down with interesting results. While some movies flourished others hardly impressed. It was a summer for sequels and more at the box office as Toy Story 3 ($409 million), Iron Man 2 ($312 million), and Twilight: Eclipse ($299 million), were the top three movie money makers domestically. Inception ($278 million) and Despicable Me ($241 million) were close behind. Top five worldwide money makers were Toy Story 3 (just over one billion), Shrek Forever After ($721 million), Inception ($697 million), Twilight Eclipse ($655 million), and Iron Man 2 ($622 million). To learn more about which movie made how much visit for more details.

All in all summer had its ups and downs full of hits and misses. However Fall proves to have some promise. According to, there are movies with definite promise gracing our theaters.

As of the weekend of September 17 here are the top five movie box office standings.

1.      The Town ( R) $23.8M this weekend $23.8M overall

2.      Easy A (PG-13) $17.7M this weekend $17.7M overall

3.      Devil (PG-13)  $12.3M this weekend $12.3M overall

4.      Resident Evil: Afterlife ( R) $10M this weekend $43.9 overall

5.      Alpha and Omega (PG) $9.1M this weekend $9.1M overall

Each of these movies being only their first or second week out, they are definitely rising to expectations. Movies to look out for this week include IP Man ( R), Freakonomics (PG-13), You will meet a tall dark stranger ( R), The Virginity Hit ( R), You Again (PG), Like Dandelion Dust (PG-13), Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (PG-13), and Legend of the Gaurdians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. Check out for more information on these movies and more. Also check out, for movie times to Cheyenne theaters.


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