Tennis no longer the preppy sport

12 Sep

The big picture

When you picture tennis, you imagine men and women with lots of money at the country club with sweaters around their necks; or you picture Venus and Serena Williams looking like body builders, dominating the courts. Do you ever picture a tattooed girl and her husband out there just playing aorund? Today, tennis seems to be more accepted and not just for people with money.

Who loves tennis

My husband and I took up tennis sometime last year. We are pretty awful and can’t quite afford lessons. We started when we had raquetball equipment but the courts were closed, so we took it to the tennis courts to mess around. We liked it so much, we put money into a couple of raquets and a bag of tennis balls. We go out and just hit the balls around as much as possible until we are all worn out. But when you see my husband and I, you don’t see ‘tennis player’. I am covered in tattoos and my husband is an ex infantry guy. Even so, its a great workout and a good way to spend quality time with the one you love.

A sport great for the whole family

So when money is tight, head to your local Wal-Mart. You can get a raquet from about $10-$50 depending on what you are looking for. For a bag of balls, you are looking at about $7. Plus, check out your local YMCA for tennis lesson rates. It is surprisingly high energy based and its great for all ages. You and your family will go home with smiles on your faces after some time on the court.

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