Christmas House Review

7 Dec

This year’s Cheyenne Christmas House was as usual a magnificent home. Every little detail, the rugs, the light fixtures, the sinks were all just amazing. My favorite part of the house was the master bathroom; I was in awe of the size of it. The shower had two heads on the wall, one great big one on the ceiling, two benches, and it had a steamer.

I do have to say, I was very disappointed in the treats and goodies they were selling this year. There was not much of a selection and everything was bland or just looked plain old boring. Nothing exciting or new to try, or even some of the classic Christmas treats. For example, last year I got yogurt covered pretzels and peanut butter cookies, they didn’t have yummy stuff like that this year. Hopefully next year the kitchen items will be better for my personal taste.

I could not take pictures or video inside the home for security reasons, which is perfectly understandable. So all I got was a short shot of the exterior of the home. You may see a video and you may not…

-Haley Butterfield


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