Suggestions for those losing their creative juices

4 Dec

When a person is struggling to come up with ideas, they often need some sort of formula to get the ball moving.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Often try to apply things learned from one aspect of life, and apply it to another.
    For example, if one finds that they are most productive at work during a certain part of the day while at work. They can focus that energy on the weekends during a similar time.
  • When trying to problem solve, often look to see how others worked their way through a particular “trouble” area.
  • If you find yourself in a comfortable, but stagnant routine, try to do something along the opposite lines. If you always draw landscapes, try drawing a person. If you always draw dark things, try to draw happy things.
  • Find some sort of exercise that helps you with your weaknesses. This is never fun, but improvement is sure to be on the way.
  • Set challenges for yourself and stick to them. It is hard, but can be worth it if you produce some good material out of it.

For art books with exercises look at the following links:

The natural way to draw: Kimon Nicolaides
Keys to drawing with imagination: Bert Dodson


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